New Learning Management System

We’ve improved our learning management system!

Since SYTAR 2021, we’ve maintained an external system for managing our conference and training videos. One of the biggest challenges the need for a separate login system.

We have connected our new system so that you can use your existing IAYT Member Login to access your videos and training. Make sure to click on the separate IAYT member login to ensure your purchases are connected to your IAYT account. You will be asked to allow access to your basic IAYT profile.

Non-IAYT members, in order to update our system, we reset your password. You are welcome to reset your password here.

All who previously had access to SYTAR 2022 and/or the Long COVID training sessions will retain your access.

Login (top right of the website) and visit the Video Library to access your videos.


IAYT members, access to your existing purchases has to be completed by our staff by hand. We are quickly going through the list of several hundred remaining accounts. If you do not have access yet, please contact Carolyn for assistance.


Log in to your account

Non-IAYT Members Login Here