Grandma Knows: Why Modern Healthcare Needs Yogic Wisdom

Leader Bio: RW Alves

Continuing IAYT’s commitment to conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion, this workshop will guide participants to an understanding what a welcoming and inclusive yoga therapy practice space looks like for a variety of communities, identities, and lived experiences. We will also inquire into the requirements for creating such spaces in the context of individual and group yoga therapy.

As yoga therapists, human beings, and community members, we all bring our own assumptions, biases, perspectives, and cultural contexts into our work. How do we account for those lived experiences and positionalities when interacting with individuals and groups whose experiences and positionalities differ from our own? What work might we be able to do as individuals to create spaces of radical welcome, inclusion, and belonging in yoga therapy? And what work do we need to do collectively, as communities, institutions, and organizations, to dismantle barriers that exclude and to foster spaces where more people, bodies, identities, and communities can feel welcomed and supported? 

We will explore these questions by naming and acknowledging barriers to inclusion, belonging, and welcome in yoga therapy. Among the communities and identities to be considered are age, disability and d/Deafness, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, immigration status, national origin, gender, and body size.

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